Lullaby for the monster called Pain

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Lullaby for the monster called Pain


Hello, Monster Pain,

here you are now back again!

I have seen you creeping, crawling

in so many different ways.

I know that you are hungry

for some furiously angry,

sad and painful thought or deed,

for that is which upon you feed.


Hi there, Monster Pain,

I am watching you again

with a calm and wakeful mind

as you are crisscrossing this field.

May you pass at ease

cause all my apple trees

are in hiding from you in the here

and now, there is no fear.


But if you intend to stay,

and refuse to go away,

I shall rock you with a tender mind

and sing you lullabies

until you fall asleep

and sink into the deep

clear and endless motion ocean

where all things begin and cease.




le 13.08.2003

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